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to the services and not to admin stuff. >> and that is like glide. >> my mother-in-law was robbed of a couple thousand in cash. that is the problem with cash. once it's gone, it's gone and credit is fabulous, especially in the rush in the stores, right. and i left my wallet at the couldn't before. you're safe and protectd. >> and that is the idea. how do you do that? i want to be safe and not lose the cash and don't want to get in the store caught up with the rush or the fact that it's the last minute here and there is a week before christmas. i am more tempted to say give it to me. i have no time to fool around. >> and there is a few things. most people forget every gift in february. >> do i need to bump it up? >> exactly. is someone going remember x, y, and z or going the frenzy because i think this is important. it's not. >> the bills are going to come. >> respect your own personal financial situation if it's going to propel you into debt and you're going to feel sick, don't do it. >> yeah. >> and what are the worst moves? >> randomly opening up credit cards. they're going to say how abou
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1